Ash och Shona

79 / 100


If someone should ask me who my best friends are and I had to base my answer on how many days per year I hook up with them – the answer had to be Ash and Shona! For a few years now we have been spending our vacations with them in india. Do u remember how it was when u were a child and u went on “sommarlov” (summervacation) and u run around to your friends houses and just rang on the bell and asked if they could come out and play? Well that is us when we are on holiday. I love you guys to bits and sincerely hope I can afford a vacation abroad next year aswell.

Shot with Mamiya 645 and 80/2,8 with Kodak portra 400 film

ASH OCH SHONAAsh och ShonaAsh och ShonaAsh och ShonaAsh och ShonaAsh och Shona


Fotograf Jenny Blad


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