Erin and Simons prewedding session

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Erin and Simons pre-wedding session

Erin and Simons prewedding

Yesterday it was time for Erin and Simons pre-wedding session! OMG how I love this couple – bubbly happy loving – I just know I will have a blast with you guys on your wedding-day! We decided to go shoot now before the cherryblossoms fall off the trees! And what a great idea it was – the pictures turned out great and we also made a little video on the photoshoot just for fun! There were a lot more great images than the ones in the video but some of them didn’t fit to well because they were vertical instead of horisontal – so sorry that im keeping the great stuff from you but Erin and Simon will see it! 😉 Erin and Simon are sending a message to their guests in the end of the video/slideshow!

Untitled from jenny Blad on Vimeo.

Fotograf Jenny Blad


  1. What a sweet, sweet couple! Love the colours – the flashy pink shoes against the green grass, and Erin’s dress is so perfect for the cherry blossom setting. Very lovely 🙂

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