Laughter laughter laughter – Paul and Lisas happy wedding


I think it will be difficult to find a happier couple then Swedish Lisa and her Irish Paul- there were sooo many laughters and I think you will see it in the pictures.They live in the states and decided to have their wedding in good old Gothenburg with Hagakyrkan and Långedrags Värdshus as settings. So what if it rained that day? I think this couple couldn´t care less – nothing can destroy their happiness. I am happy I got to join u guys on your big day! 🙂

Laughter laughter laughter - Paul and Lisas happy wedding


  1. Beautiful work. I have so many favourites! The coffee shop, the cobbled street with the flags, the umbrellas, the turtle doves and especially the shot of her being given away…. her father (?) looks so emotional! Brilliant.

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  3. Wow!! Du gör alltid bra ifrån dig Jenny, men det här var extra super duper! Paraplybilden och den sista med slöjan och den första bilden och…oj,oj,oj! 😀

  4. JENNY!!!! My god! Du är så grym!!!!! Dina bilder är alltid så fräscha och rena och fulla med värme och glädje. Jag blev varm och glad. PUSS på dig och GRATTIS till ditt fina brudpar!!!

  5. These photos beautifully treated what obviously was a beautiful day for two gorgeous people….. inside and out!

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